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NYU and Knowsis Technology and Data Partnership

NYU Tandon School of Engineering and Knowsis announce Technology and Data partnership as part of the Knowsis EduLab project aimed at involving students in practicing real-life problems related to Data Mining and NLP to extract actionable insights from Social Media and Alternative Textual Sources. Our team will work side by side with talented academics to improve our use cases and give the opportunity to students to get to know the rapidly growing market of alternative data and its applications in Machine Learning and Neural Networks for the finance and business community.

This new level of engagement with world-class Universities will improve Knowsis access to the best talent in the industry, improve the level of feedback on the data mining process and methodology and add a new layer of quality to our data.

Special thanks to Prof Christopher Policastro and Industry Partnerships Manager Rebecca Menzer. This is just the beginning and we will do our best to keep improving the level of quality of our data and services.

Learn more here:

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